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Regulations and Requirements: Construction Fencing Bylaws

Construction sites are often vast, open spaces that can pose a safety risk to individuals in the area. Luckily, the government has created fencing bylaws to ensure that your job site is as secure as possible for the safety of both workers and the public. Failure to comply with these requirements, may result in significant fines and the closure of your building project. Fortunately, you don’t have to run that risk when you work with us. We will install, maintain, and repair your temporary construction fences as needed to help prevent injuries and ensure you meet all codes and regulations.


Government regulations state that you must conduct your work in a manner that does not put the general public at risk. In order to legalize your construction zone, you must erect a fence around the perimeter of your property. Our temporary construction fences serve a dual purpose by keeping your building materials safe from theft, and establish boundaries to keep individuals at a safe distance from any potential job site dangers. Learn more about the construction fence bylaw below:

Construction Fence Bylaw: Under Chapter 363, you must enclose your construction or demolition site with a protective fence to restrict access. This also includes any areas on your site where building materials and equipment are being operated or stored.

General Requirements: Every construction fence is required by this bylaw to fully enclose the perimeter of your site, deter unauthorized persons or vehicles, feature no rails or attachments that would allow climbing, openings can be no more than 150 millimeters wide or less than 900 millimeters above the bottom fence (with the exception of access points), to be removed from your site within 30 days of your completed construction or demolition project.

Fence Height: If the fence is erected between a residential zone and excavation site, the height may not be less than 1.8 metres above the grade. Furthermore, fencing that is installed around a construction site that is located on residential property, must have a height greater than 1.2 metres.


Construction sites feature many hidden dangers that may put bystanders at risk. Installing a temporary fence around your job site not only fulfills fencing bylaws but it may also reduce stress, costs, and prevent injuries. At City Fence, we provide several options such as chain link fences, partitions, and security gates to keep your area secure. If you need commercial fencing in Toronto or the surrounding area, you can depend on our skills and expertise. We will get the job done quickly and efficiently, so you can carry on with your building project.

Call City Fence today at 416-506-0135 for more information about our construction fence rental and installation. You can also contact us online with any questions about commercial fencing in Toronto and we will be glad to assist you.


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