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Safety Guide for Automatic Sliding Gates

Automatic sliding gates are part of many security fence systems designed to keep commercial properties secure. However, they also pose a danger to employees, equipment and the public. Automatic gates have many moving parts and mechanisms. Therefore, if you have one on your job site, it’s important to employ certain safety measures. Here’s an overview of what you need to know.

Keep the area clear

Automatic gates have enough force to damage vehicles and cause serious injury. You can take the following measure to ensure pedestrians stay out of harm’s way:

Install a pedestrian gate. Pedestrians should never walk through an automatic gate intended for vehicles. Therefore, installing a separate entrance strictly for pedestrians is an effective way to prevent accidents.

Post warning signs. It’s a good idea to place signs at the entry and exit points of your automatic gate to warn employees and the public that the gate is automatic and could potentially cause injuries. You should also post signage that points pedestrians to the correct entrance.

Install obstruction detectors. You should make sure your automatic gate is equipped with features such as safety beams and loop detectors. These devices prevent the automatic gate from moving if an obstruction is detected.

If you need help increasing the safety around your automatic sliding gate, turn to the team at City Fence Inc.

Limit authorized access

An effective way to prevent accidents around your automatic gate is to limit access to the controls. Make sure to keep operating covers locked and the keys safely stored. Having fewer people access the gate controls will not only keep unauthorized and untrained people away from the gate, but it will also mean less use, thereby increasing the lifespan of your system.


Install and maintain your automatic sliding gate

Automatic gates move with the aid of wheels that sit in a track. Without this feature, the gate would be incredibly unstable and would risk falling over. Once installed, you need to ensure your rollers and tracks are free of debris and move smoothly.

Depending on how much traffic goes in and out of your property, you should have your automatic gate inspected and maintained by a trusted professional fence and gate expert between two and four times a year.


Security gates and fences in the GTA

At City Fence Inc., we specialize in security solutions for commercial and industrial properties in the Greater Toronto Area. Our fence experts can help you design a custom automatic sliding gate that restricts unwanted entry and provides easy access. Our team installs swinging gates. Contact us today to learn more about our gate systems or request a free quote.


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