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Security Assessment of Automatic Gates: Commercial and Industrial Applications

Automatic Gates

Many businesses choose automatic gates to enhance security, control access and protect their assets. Automatic gates equipped with access control systems and other features can further protect assets and personnel from unauthorized access and security threats. Here’s what you need to know about security features for automatic gates.

  • Access control systems. Automatic gates can be equipped with advanced access control systems, such as keypads, proximity cards, biometric readers or even mobile app-based authentication. These systems ensure that only authorized personnel can gain entry, reducing the risk of unauthorized access and security breaches.

  • Safety features. Safety features like safety loops, photocells and obstacle detection sensors are essential to prevent accidents and injuries. These features halt gate movement if any obstruction or vehicle is detected, protecting both people and property.

  • Anti-intrusion measures. For enhanced security, choose integrated alarm systems, anti-climb designs and sturdy materials like steel or wrought iron. These features will discourage intruders and provide an early warning system to respond quickly to threats.

  • Video surveillance integration. Integrating video surveillance with automatic gates further strengthens security. CCTV cameras positioned strategically around the gate area provide real-time monitoring and recording of activities. Video footage can serve as valuable evidence in case of any security incidents.

  • Remote monitoring and control. Modern automatic gates can be controlled and monitored remotely through centralized management systems. This feature benefits businesses with multiple entry points or sites spread across different locations.

Potential Vulnerabilities and Mitigation Strategies

Despite the security enhancement of automatic gates, vulnerabilities can still exist if not addressed proactively, including:

  • Tailgating. Tailgating occurs when unauthorized individuals follow authorized personnel to gain entry. To mitigate this risk, businesses can deploy turnstiles or access control systems that allow only one person to pass through at a time.

  • Device hacking. Sophisticated cyber attackers might attempt to hack into the gate's control system. Regular software updates and robust cybersecurity measures can safeguard against these threats.

  • Power outages. During power outages, gates might become immobile, creating potential security vulnerabilities. Installing backup power sources, such as uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems or emergency generators, ensures your gates will still operate when the power goes out.

  • Regular maintenance. Neglecting regular maintenance can lead to malfunctions or wear and tear of gate components, compromising security. Implement a comprehensive maintenance plan to keep the gate in optimal working condition.

Security Gates and Access Control Systems in the GTA

At City Fence Inc., we’ll work with you to design a customized automatic security gate that best protects your commercial or industrial operation. Our certified and experienced technicians will ensure your gate is installed perfectly with the most durable materials. Contact us today to speak with one of our fencing experts about how we can help maximize your security.


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