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The Importance of Installing a Fence Around a School


A professionally designed and installed security fence around a school offers many benefits to children, staff and the community. Here are just a few.


Keep children safe

Your community’s schools should be a safe place for children to learn, play and grow. A security fence allows people who belong at the school to access the grounds and prevents those people who don’t from being able enter. An unfenced school is at greater risk for children going missing.


Increase surveillance

A well-placed security fence will give teachers and staff a better sense of what their students are up to while on school property. Walls and corners can give students a place to hide from authorities, so a fence you can see through, such as one made of chain link or wrought iron, will increase visibility and deter students from getting into trouble.


Foster a sense of community

A fence territorializes a school’s property, defining boundaries and fostering a sense of community and belonging among students. Fencing can also help create a sense of ownership among students, teachers and staff.


Decrease truancy

Truancy rates in Ontario are already quite high. In fact, they’re up to 20 per cent in some districts. Missing classes negatively impacts students’ learning and leads to higher rates of dropping out as well as drug and alcohol use in adolescents, according to one study. Students will find it more difficult to ditch school if there’s a fence around the property.


Improve esthetics

Chain-link fences may be inexpensive but they don’t have to make the school look and feel like a prison. In fact, there are many styles and colours of ornamental security fencing that can match and compliment your existing school colours and can create a cohesive look to the property while maintaining top-level security.


Prevent vandalism

Unfortunately, schools are often targets of vandalism and graffiti. This means your establishment is spending money on repairs and cleaning rather than the needs of teachers and students. Investing in a security fence can save your school money in the long run.


Security fencing in the GTA

City Fence specializes in quality commercial and industrial security fencing with three decades of experience in the Greater Toronto Area. Our team works with you to combine the best security features with a pleasing esthetic. Contact us today to learn more or get a free quote.


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