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What Are the Best Places to Do Business in Canada?

Every entrepreneur knows that a successful business often hinges on location. recently came out with their top places to do business in Canada, and City Fence serves six out of ten of those top-ranking locations.

If you have a new business idea, be sure to consider one of these host cities for maximum success, customer recognition, and affordability.


Where you park your business will have an impact on the success of your business. According to Profit Guide magazine, these ten cities are the go-to locations for new ventures:

Milton, Ontario

Calgary, Alberta

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Burlington, Ontario

Whitby, Ontario

Strathcona County, Alberta

Oakville, Ontario

Ajax, Ontario

Brampton, Ontario

Grande Prairie, Alberta

At City Fence, we proudly offer our innovative fencing ideas to Toronto, Brampton, Mississauga, Oakville, Richmond Hill, and Vaughan areas. So, if you select one of the top ten locations, you might be able to utilize our services.


Today, more companies are opting to construct or develop existing areas. Also, green tech jobs are becoming the preferred choice for new businesses, and more companies are starting to rent out a portion of their warehouses to emerging businesses. Loft spaces are also becoming the ideal location for offices, and collaborative use for offices allows multiple companies to share costs, work from the same downtown office, and still have all the space they need to conduct business in a professional manner.

Here are some useful fencing ideas to consider when establishing your new business:

Commercial Parking Partitions: When converting a warehouse or constructing a new building, employee parking should be a top concern. Employees should be able to park their vehicles on company grounds without security issues. With a commercial parking partition, you can close off employee parking areas, ensuring only those permitted can access the parking lot. While you are cordoning off parking areas, be sure to make space for employees that ride bicycles to work, so that they have a safe place to park their bikes too.

Partitions for Loft and Shared Warehouses: When you create a co-op workspace or warehouse, you still need to divide the square footage for privacy. City Fence can install partitions that separate your business from your warehouse co-inhabitant. Partitions may also be used to help organize larger warehouses for storage, split up departments in loft-style offices, and more.

Entry Gates: Gate systems provide you with a higher level of control and security. Add entry gates to your warehouse or employee parking lot so that only authorized individuals can enter.

City Fence offers a versatile arrangement of fencing ideas and services for emerging businesses. Whether you are starting fresh in a “top ten” city or elsewhere, check to see if City Fence’s team of contractors service your area.

Call City Fence to learn about our fencing rentals, partitions, and chain link fences in Toronto today at 416-506-0135 or contact us online.


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