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What Are the Types of Automatic Gate Systems?

Automatic gates improve efficiency, security and safety for industrial and commercial businesses. However, not every security gate will work for your property. Knowing the different types of automatic gates and how they operate will help you determine which is best for you.

Sliding gates

Sliding gates slide back and forth across the driveway entrance. When open, the gate sits compactly along the fence line. Sliding gates are best if you don’t have space for a gate that swings open or if you have a sloping driveway.

Types of sliding gates

There are four main types of sliding gates:

1. Full-length. A full-length sliding gate is a single gate that slides on a track on the ground. You need adequate space on one side of the entrance to stow the gate panel when it’s open. Allow a little more space than the width of the entranceway.

2. Bi-parting. Bi-parting sliding gates include two sliding panels that open from the middle. One advantage of a bi-parting gate is that you need less space on either side of the gate. In addition, it takes half the time to open a bi-parting sliding gate than a full-length gate. However, you require two operators for automatic operation.

3. Cantilever. Cantilever gates use rollers to move the gate panels back and forth, eliminating the need for a track. Maintenance is easier, as you don’t have to worry about a track getting clogged with snow, ice and debris.

4. Overhead. Overhead sliding gates are built for enormous openings. The gate hangs from a large overhead beam and slides along a roller.

Swing Gates

Swing gates consist of one or two panels that swing outward toward to road or inward toward the driveway. You need a swing gate when you don’t have enough space along your fence to allow for a sliding gate to open.

Types of swing gates

There are three types of swing gates:

1. Single swing gate. A single swing gate is an individual gate hinged to a post. It’s suitable for small openings.

2. Double swing gate. Best for wide openings, a double swing gate has two panels that swing from the middle.

3. Swing barrier gate. A swing barrier gate is a simple, less expensive version that restricts vehicle access while allowing pedestrians through.

Automatic gates and fence installation in Toronto

At City Fence Inc., our swing gates and sliding gates are built to last. Our commercial and industrial fence installation experts will help you design a security perimeter that’ll withstand the rigours of a Toronto winter. Contact us today to learn more about our fencing solutions and request a free quote.


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