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What You Should Know About Fencing for Your Construction Site in the Greater Toronto Area?

All construction sites in Toronto must adhere to strict protection and safety guidelines. City bylaws control many aspects of your site, including protective boarding and fencing. In an effort to ensure your construction site is safe for neighbours and workers, you are required to protect the area. Without the right measures in place, you may be fined and even forced to close down your entire project. Even worse, someone may sustain an injury at your jobsite, which can prove to be very costly to you.

According to Ontario’s Occupational Health and Safety Act, “if work on a project may endanger a person using a public way, a sturdy fence at least 1.8 meters in height shall be constructed between the public way and the project.” So, as you begin to set up your construction site, be sure to take into consideration the following:

You must apply for a city permit before installing your fence

You must install protective boarding or fences around trees and shrubs

You must enclose the site with protective fencing to restrict access

Your fence must adhere to regulations regarding size and placement

Advantages of Fence Installation on Your Toronto Construction Site

Fencing in Toronto is a crucial factor in any construction project, as it alerts people that construction work is being carried out in the area. Not only is it a smart strategy to avoid personal injuries and lawsuits, but a fence can also provide many other benefits.

It can limit the movement of personnel, vehicles, and equipment to a specific area, minimizing disruption of the site and reducing the potential for soil erosion.

It can protect trees against damage and their roots against soil compaction.

It can protect water bodies or newly seeded landscapes.

It can prevent unauthorized access by people, vehicles, and equipment.

It can control pollutants by confining construction activities to a specific location.

It can keep hazardous materials fenced off with available access only for trained personnel.

It can prevent thieves and vandals from stealing your expensive construction equipment and materials.

It can prevent damage to surrounding properties.

Once you have installed a temporary fence on your construction site, inspection and maintenance is extremely important. If at any point the fence fails to be effective, it is your responsibility to either make the necessary repairs or install a more resilient fence. It is especially crucial to monitor the fence during the winter season, as it may require extra maintenance due to snow compaction.

If you require more information on fencing options for your construction site, City Fence can answer your questions and help you select a fencing solution that is best suited to your particular application and budget. We understand what is required in the construction industry and can provide recommendations, as well as a free, onsite estimate for a low-cost fencing alternative.

Call City Fence today at 416-506-0135 or contact us online. We can help with all your fencing needs for your construction site in Toronto and surrounding areas.


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