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When to Consider Temporary Chain Link Fencing


There are many practical uses for chain link fencing on residential and commercial properties. However, a permanent structure isn’t always necessary, and there are several advantages to opting for a temporary chain link fence. Here’s what you should know about this product.


What is temporary chain link fencing?

A temporary chain link fence consists of individual panels that are about two metres tall and between two and four metres wide. They’re typically made of galvanized steel wire strung across a tubular steel frame. Contrary to permanent chain link fencing, these panels aren’t fastened to steel posts buried in the ground. Instead, the frame has built-in “feet” that keep the panels upright and secured.


A temporary chain link fence has all the characteristics of a permanent one. It’s easy to maintain, inexpensive and durable. However, with temporary fencing, you can attach as many panels together as you want in any configuration. You can also easily expand or move the fence, as there’s no need to dig holes or pour concrete.


Common uses for temporary chain-link fencing

While temporary chain link fences can be used in a variety of contexts, some common applications include:

● On construction sites. Temporary chain link fences are ideal for construction sites, where the work changes from one day to the next. It’s robust enough to keep unauthorized people off the site and away from hazardous equipment. It also ensures expensive tools and materials are secure. When a project is finished, the fence can easily be torn down and moved to another location.


● At outdoor events. Temporary fencing is an effective tool to help manage crowds at public events such as outdoor concerts. A fence prevents unauthorized people from entering the site and can be used as a safety barrier between the stage and the audience. Other outdoor occasions that could benefit from temporary fencing include sporting events, large weddings and movie/television production sets.


● As a pet fence. New dog owners without a permanent fence around their yard can use a temporary one to keep their puppy from running amok in the neighbourhood. Alternatively, a temporary fence can be installed so that your pet has access to only part of your property. Since the structure is temporary, you can configure it to fit the shape of your yard and adjust it over time as your pet grows.

Fence specialists in the GTA

The experts at City Fence Inc. have been supplying temporary and permanent chain link fences to residential and commercial customers in the Greater Toronto Area for more than 35 years. You can count on our construction fencing and security gates to keep your job site or public event secure. Contact us today to request a free quote.


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