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Commercial & Industrial Iron Gates in Toronto

Gate systems allow you to control access to certain sections of your property, or protect it in its entirety. Many iron gating options exist and at City Fence we are pleased to offer both top of the line brands, as well as a wide variety of custom and affordable options. Contact us to learn more about our custom iron gates in Toronto and check out our gallery to see past projects we have installed.

Your business or industrial perimeter is only as effective as your entry system. At City Fence, we provide strong iron entry gates for Toronto area industrial and commercial complexes. We'll help you customize a solution that restricts unwanted entry, but provides ease of access for employees.

Custom Iron Gate Solutions

Let us help you bring your visions to life by installing custom iron gates on your Toronto business property. As leading industry specialists, City Fence will work with you to understand your needs and develop a custom solution.

We offer the following products, including:

  • Standard "double swing" gates
  • Theft-prevention gates (difficult or impossible to cut through)
  • Drivers' entrance gates
  • High cycle Cantilever gates (best for heavy traffic and many opens/closes)
  • Indoor gates with panic bar/self-closer options
  • Indoor sliding gates
  • Overhead sliding gates (used for wide access)
  • Sliding "vehicle barrier" gates (prevent unwanted vehicle access)
  • Swing barrier gate (restricts vehicle access but permits pedestrian traffic to pass)
  • Privacy screening options for multiple gate styles

Quality Iron gates in Toronto

Maybe you’ve never considered iron gates in Toronto for your property, or you’ve heard how effective and resilient they can be. We deal with the common challenge of exterior metal and the rusting and corrosion that is often associated with it. In order to ensure your gates and railings last, we use techniques that help preserve their life and keep them resilient to exterior weather conditions. We offer these and many other gate options for your commercial and industrial needs while helping you maintain the flexibility your operations require in Toronto, Brampton, Mississauga and Oakville.

With gates of all sizes and for any job, City Fence has a solution for you. Call us at 416-506-0135 or fill out our online form!