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3 things you should know before buying a commercial fence

Whether your property needs a simple chain link fence or something more elaborate, securing your premises is always a good idea. At City Fence Inc., we’ve been providing commercial fencing to the Toronto, Brampton and Oakville areas for thirty-five years and we’d like you to know about three benefits a commercial fence can offer your business beyond simple security.


1. Your fence can add value

A fence doesn’t even need to be actively preventing trespassers from entering your property to be of value. The simple fact that you’ve installed a fence to secure your property will make your real estate more attractive to potential buyers when it comes time to sell it. If you opt for for an ornamental fence, this feature can even add beauty on top of security to your property. Similarly, insurance companies will notice that you’ve taken measures to add security to your property and may consider yours to be a less of a risk than if you were unprotected.

2. Good fences make good neighbours

Depending on your business’ situation, you may have better or worse neighbours. Just to make everything crystal clear when it comes to property lines, installing a fence to demarcate your land can head off disputes before they occur and keep your relations with the businesses or residences near you on good terms. If the business next to you is thinking about building a new parking lot, for example, you want to be sure that it doesn’t encroach on your property and potentially cost you money and expose you to unnecessary liability.

3. Fences can be customized to your needs

Although in many cases a simple chain link fence is all you need to keep your property secure, there are also a lot of ways you can customize your fence to suit your needs. If you’re concerned that your employees will find the fence bothersome for some reason, you can install automatic gates that make entering and exiting the property easy for those who are authorized to be there while still maintaining your security and privacy. Similarly, if you’re concerned about a chain link fence not giving off the image you want your business to project, you can also choose higher security options that also add beauty to your property.

If you’re interested in investing in your business’ security with a chain link fence, contact us at City Fence Inc. today. We offer commercial fencing to every business in the Toronto, Brampton and Oakville areas.


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