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4 Accidents That Fencing Can Help Prevent


In addition to fostering prudence among your employees and ensuring workplace safety is taken seriously, an indoor fence can help avoid many common accidents.


Whether you manage an industrial facility or a construction site, here are four types of workplace incidents that a fence might help prevent.


1. Personnel falls

In the commercial, construction and industrial sectors, employees can often find themselves working in elevated areas such as mezzanines and scaffolding. While a railing is usually present, adding an indoor fence can further reduce the risk of a worker falling from a dangerous height. And if a fall should occur, the fence may help reduce the severity of the accident.


2. Equipment and merchandise falls

Busy or cluttered workspaces, especially those with elevated storage, have a high risk of merchandise and equipment falling on workers or other equipment. This can cause serious injuries and property damage. Installing fences around these storage areas will reduce the risk of this type of accident.


3. Collisions

Many workplaces use utility vehicles to transport merchandise, materials, tools and personnel. These vehicles are extremely useful, but they can also be extremely dangerous, especially when used in areas with high pedestrian or vehicle traffic. Additionally, if there are expensive or critical pieces of equipment or technology in the vicinity, even a minor collision could be very costly.


Installing fences inside your facility can help protect against collisions in two ways. First, fencing off sensitive systems and materials will lower the risk of serious damage in the event of a collision. Second, you can use the fencing to create clear traffic lanes that prevent vehicles from circulating in areas where they might hit someone.


4. Exposure to hazardous materials

Fencing off hazardous areas is a highly effective way to minimize the risk of employees being exposed to dangerous substances and hazardous conditions. For instance, storing dangerous chemicals in a fenced-off area will limit the risk of people wandering over by mistake. A fence and security gate will also provide effective access control to ensure only trained employees wearing the proper equipment can enter.


Indoor fencing experts in the GTA

Whether you want to fence off sensitive areas of your business or repair existing fences, you can rely on the team at City Fence to provide professional service. We specialize in commercial and industrial fencing solutions for clients in the Greater Toronto Area. Contact us today for more information about our products and installation services.


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