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4 Construction Fence Installation Mistakes to Avoid


Construction sites are dangerous places. A simple accident could result in severe, even fatal, injuries.


In addition, serious property damage and substantial delays may be the result of a mishap. To ensure that your work site stays as safe as possible, avoid these four mistakes when installing your construction fence:


Skipping the planning phase

Having a detailed plan is important when building anything, including fences. This is even more important when building fences around construction sites. You need to plan for materials arriving, oversized machinery moving about and workers coming and going. There’s a lot of movement to account for, and a lot of opportunities for things to go wrong. You need to be very careful that your fencing plan doesn’t create dangerous areas or hamper your crew’s ability to do their job.


Forgetting property lines

The construction site itself may be clearly delineated, but you still need to be mindful of property lines when planning where your fences will go. If the fence is on someone else’s property, they have a right to ask you to move it, which could result in unnecessary expenses and time lost.


Not considering the type of fencing

You’ll need more than one type of fence to secure a construction site. Silt fences may be required in certain areas, while wood panels are needed in others and yet another type of fencing is required to prevent cars from entering dangerous areas. Failing to think about this can cause serious delays while the correct fencing is sourced and installed.


Neglecting to check local bylaws

Construction is a heavily regulated industry, and it’s important to be aware of local laws and regulations. Unless you make sure your fence complies with these rules, you may find yourself having to tear it all down and go back to square one. While this is happening, your crew may not be able to work safely, causing further costs and delays.


Construction fence installations in the GTA

Always keep in mind that a fence is only as good as its installation, so make sure to work with experienced fence builders familiar with the codes and bylaws in the Toronto area. At City Fence, we can ensure that your fence is built properly and in accordance with local regulations. Contact us today to find out more about our temporary fencing options or to get a free quote.


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