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5 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Automatic Gate

If you’re responsible for a commercial or large-scale residential property, you’ve always got one eye on the horizon for the next repair or upgrade. How do you know when to invest in a new automatic gate? Here are five key signs yours may be due for replacement.

  1. It’s operating more slowly than usual. Your automatic gate should only take a few seconds to open or close. A slow-moving gate is inconvenient and can potentially be a security liability. You may be able to speed it up with a minor repair or by replacing the gate opener. Before moving ahead with minor fixes, talk with a professional about the overall condition of your gate.

  2. The motor is damaged. A repair may be sufficient if your gate sustains damage from a collision or rough weather. However, replacing the entire gate may be a better investment if the motor is impacted. While buying a replacement motor is possible, finding the right match for your gate isn’t always a simple over-the-counter purchase. If your motor is damaged or shows signs of rust or corrosion, it may be time to look at a new gate.

  3. You can’t locate the spare parts you need. Spare parts allow you to quickly repair your gate. However, installing the wrong part can do more harm than good. Plus, if you have trouble sourcing the right part or must pay high shipping fees every time your gate needs a minor replacement, the benefits of buying a new gate may outweigh the drawbacks.

  4. Your gate poses a safety risk. If your gate works well but has been around for some time, it may not meet current safety standards. This is a liability issue for your business. You risk injury and potential lawsuits if your gate doesn’t have up-to-date safety features, like an auto-reverse function.

  5. The gate won’t open or close. Before giving up on your gate, check the opening and closing mechanism to rule out any obvious causes, like foreign objects blocking the tracks. If that doesn’t work, a fencing professional can diagnose the problem and tell you whether repair or replacement is your best option.

If you’re still unsure whether to repair or replace your automatic gates, a professional can help you compare costs before deciding.

Quality gate installers and fence builders in Toronto

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