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5 Ways to Ensure Your Fence Complements Your Landscape


For many commercial and industrial buildings, a fence serves to delineate the property and provide security. However, it can also impact the appearance of a business complex and influence people’s perception of the company.


If you want to maximize both the function and appeal of your commercial fence, here are five ways to ensure it complements your landscape.


1. Opt for a custom design

Investing in custom made fence is a straightforward way to ensure your fence suits your property. A fence that’s specifically designed for your property will optimize the features of the landscape and accommodate a sloped or hilly property. You’ll have more freedom to personalize it, and with all the pieces cut to fit perfectly, you’ll be left with an attractive and sturdy fence.


2. Consider ornamentation

Wrought iron fences offer both security and curb appeal. You can enhance the vertical pickets with spires or decorative swirls that match the design of your building. Alternatively, a few subtle embellishments can add an air of elegance to an otherwise simple property.


3. Think about colour

The grey steel of a chain link fence can appear institutional and uninviting. Adding a coloured vinyl coating can help your fence blend in with the surrounding natural tones or stand out as an intentional architectural piece. Paint on a wrought iron fence can have a similar effect, while also protecting the metal from corrosion.


4. Enhance with vegetation

Planting flowers or shrubs around the perimeter of your property is a simple way to add colour and life to a cold fence. If well maintained, vines climbing a fence can enhance curb appeal and privacy.


5. Don’t forget the gate

A simple fence can be brought to life with the right iron gate. If you have a limited budget, focus the embellishments on the gate. You can even personalize it with your company’s logo. Remember to consider how the entrance will function for car and/or pedestrian traffic to maximize security.


Fence installation in Toronto

With more than 35 years of experience as commercial and industrial fencing contractors, the experts at City Fence can help you choose the best product for your property. We offer a wide range of chain link and wrought iron fences, as well as custom security gates to meet your needs. Contact us today to request a free on-site quote in the Toronto area.


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