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6 Reasons Why Security Fencing Is a Must for Industrial Properties

A security fence is an essential element of any industrial or commercial site. Without quality fencing, you expose your assets, staff and the public to risk. Here are six reasons why every industrial, commercial and construction area should have security fencing.

1. It prevents theft. Typical industrial sites are in low-populated areas and contain expensive vehicles, tools and materials. It’s a combination that makes industrial properties prime targets for thieves. Iron fences or chain-link fencing four metres high equipped with barbed wire or razor ribbon will deter the most determined burglar.

2. It prevents vandalism. Miscreants often hang out in unpopulated industrial areas with low lighting and plenty of hiding places where acts of vandalism, such as graffiti and broken windows, are commonplace. Investing in an industrial fence installation can help prevent destruction and save you the cost of repairs and cleanup.

3. It controls access. A fence around your industrial property gives you more control over who can enter. Limiting access points by installing security gates in strategic locations along the perimeter will keep out unwanted visitors and help you track those who come and go.

4. It protects your employees and the public. Industrial sites contain dangerous heavy equipment and tools, which pose a hazard to anyone nearby. An industrial fence is vital to protect the public from your work zone. An indoor fence can direct movement and keep workers from getting too close to hazardous areas. You prevent injuries, reduce sick days and reduce your risk of liability.

5. It improves your curb appeal. Besides having numerous functions, an industrial fence enhances your business’s curb appeal. A fence hides stacks of materials and piles of rubbish that often clutter industrial properties. Moreover, it shows the community you’re committed to safety and security.

6. It’s an effective, affordable security solution. An industrial security fence has a high return on investment (ROI). Chain-link fencing is low-cost, quick to install and easy to maintain. The money you spend on a security fence is quickly recouped with reduced theft and vandalism. Moreover, insurance companies know the value of security fencing and often offer lower premiums if you have one.

Industrial and construction fence builders in Toronto

At City Fence Inc., our contractors will meet you onsite to give you a free quote for your industrial or construction fence. We’ll develop a security fence customized to your property and unique needs. Our chain link fence materials are durable, and our prices are affordable. Contact us today to learn more about how City Fence Inc. can help secure your industrial property.


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