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8 Things to Consider When Designing a Security Fence


If you want to install a security fence around your commercial or industrial property, a chain link fence is a durable and affordable option that’s easy to repair and maintain.


Once you’ve decided on a fencing material, here are eight other things to consider when designing your security fence.


1. The height

A security fence should be at least six feet tall. Heightening the fence will make it harder to scale and serve as a stronger deterrent. If someone attempts to scale the fence, it’ll take longer and increase the likelihood that they’ll be detected.


2. The top rail

The top rail provides potential intruders with a convenient handhold that makes the fence easier to climb over. Replacing this rail with a tension wire will ensure the chain link mesh remains taut without compromising security.


3. Barbed wire

Adding a few strands of barbed wire to the top of the fence will make it more difficult to scale, especially if the wire is installed on bars that are angled outward.


4. The gate

Your perimeter is only as secure as the points of entry. A customizable security gate can provide easy access to employees while restricting unwanted vehicle and pedestrian entry.


5. The bottom

To prevent potential intruders from crawling beneath the fence, extend the mesh wire at least a foot below ground. Alternatively, you can install a bottom rail or tension wire to hold the mesh in place.


6. Security systems

Adding cameras, motion sensors and extra lighting to a fence will increase security and allow you to detect an intruder sooner. These systems, as well as signage indicating their presence, can also serve as a deterrent.


7. Colour

A vinyl coating on a chain link fence can make it more visible and easier to monitor. Plus, the coating will shield the metal from weather damage that might otherwise weaken it over time.


8. Redundancy

A second row of fencing installed 10 to 20 feet inside the primary fence will boost security and create space to patrol between the fences. Alternatively, you can add a fence around a particular building or piece of equipment.


Fence installation in the GTA

If you’re ready to invest in a high-security fence that keeps your property, assets and employees safe, the experienced fence builders at City Fence can help. We offer chain link security fences, customizable gates, bollards and additional products and services to ensure your security needs are met. For a free on-site evaluation, contact us today. We cater to commercial and industrial companies in Toronto, Brampton, Mississauga and surrounding communities.

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