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A Brief Guide to Automatic Gates


Installing automatic gates is an effective way to increase the security on your property. Though they’re often installed at the exterior entrance of a facility, they can also be used to secure specific areas inside a building. Here’s a brief guide to automatic gates.


Types of gates

Automatic gates open and close using a motor and other mechanisms that are powered by electricity. There are several types and styles choose from. Here are a few of the most common varieties:


• Sliding gates open by moving horizontally along a track. The movement is achieved with the help of roller wheels that are fitted to the bottom of the gate. The track needs to be placed on level ground to work properly and it can easily get obstructed by snow, ice and other debris. These gates don’t take up a lot of room, so they’re a great choice if space is limited.


• Cantilever gates are like sliding gates, only the rail runs along the inside of the structure instead of on the ground. Movement is achieved via roller wheels mounted to the posts.


• Swing gates open inward and outward like a door. Stop lines must be used to prevent the gate from hitting a waiting vehicle as it opens.


• Lift gates can open vertically or rotate upward and then pivot out to rest on its edge. Vertical lift gates require support towers that are high enough to allow vehicles to pass underneath when opened. They’re compact and safe, but they can look imposing, and some drivers might feel nervous about passing under them.


• Bi-fold gates contain two gates that meet at the center when closed. Each one has two panels that fold back on themselves to allow access. This type of gate can open and close faster than any other kind.


• Barrier arm gates consist of a vertical arm that’s lifted to allow entry. They’re designed to control vehicle access in and out of an entrance, but they can’t regulate entry by pedestrians.


• Pedestrian security gates must be used to regulate foot traffic. Pedestrians should not be allowed to use the same automated entrances designated for vehicles.


Automatic gates in Toronto

At City Fence, our experienced gate and fence builders design and install security gate systems across the Greater Toronto Area. We provide commercial, industrial and institutional fencing solutions. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services.


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