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Choosing the Right Fencing for Your Health Care Facility


The safety and security of staff, patients and visitors is a top priority for hospital and health care administrators. Proper fencing plays a key role in creating an environment that’s conducive to patient treatment and recovery, especially for a large multi-building complex. Here’s our guide to help you choose a fence that’s right for your facility.


Assess your needs

In addition to helping protect staff, patients and visitors from intruders, accidents and injury, the fencing around hospitals and health care facilities needs to perform a wide range of functions. These may include:


● Preventing unauthorized entry and departure from the facility grounds

● Deterring vandalism, theft and other forms of property damage

● Managing the intake of supplies and deliveries

● Controlling access to specific areas such as parking lots and laboratories

● Securing the power supply

● Separating vehicle and pedestrian traffic


Additionally, as with any commercial or industrial property, the fencing system must provide a rapid and safe means of evacuation in the event of an emergency.


Opt for a versatile product

Chain link fencing is an ideal choice for many hospitals and health care facilities because it can be used in a variety of contexts. In addition to serving as a perimeter for the grounds and parking lots, chain link fencing can be erected as a partition within the hospital’s premises to provide increased security in vulnerable areas, such as a medical supply warehouse or utility room.


Chain link fences can also be topped with barbed wire or a similar deterrent for additional security. A vinyl coating can also be applied to add colour and help protect the metal from damage.


Consider access

Security gates are a crucial component of any hospital or health care facility’s fencing. Depending on the location of each entry, the gates need to provide varying levels of access. This includes public parking entrances, delivery points and restricted areas. Here are a few of the security gate solutions that may be needed on and around a health care property:


● Theft-prevention gates, which are nearly impossible to cut through

● Indoor sliding gates, with the option of a panic bar or self-closing feature

● Sliding vehicle-barrier gates, which prevent the entrance of unauthorized vehicles

● Swing barrier gates, which restrict vehicle access but allow pedestrian traffic


When choosing the appropriate gates for your facility, it’s important to consider both security and day-to-day use.


Fence installation in Toronto

For more than 35 years, the experts at City Fence have provided custom fencing solutions for a wide range of commercial and industrial facilities. We also offer fencing maintenance and repair services. To request a free on-site quote, contact us today.


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