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Choosing the Right Metal Fence


There are several factors to consider before you invest in a fence for your commercial or industrial property, including your security needs and budget. To help you make the right decision for your business, here are the pros and cons of three materials used for metal fencing.



This type of fence is a low-maintenance and long-lasting choice. It’s easy to clean, resistant to rust and doesn’t need to be painted. It can also be custom-designed for esthetic appeal and to meet height requirements.


In addition to being the least expensive metal fence option, it’s also the most environmentally friendly since aluminum fences are typically made from recycled material.


However, the downside of an aluminum fence is that it’s much weaker than steel and iron. Although this lightweight material can be useful as a temporary fencing option, it doesn’t meet most commercial and industrial security needs.


Chain link

This type of fence requires virtually no upkeep and the galvanized steel is resistant to rust. The chain link pattern also creates a strong barrier without obstructing your view of beautiful vistas or approaching intruders.


Although prices vary if you add barbed wire or a vinyl coating, a chain link fence is a relatively inexpensive option. It’s also easy to seamlessly replace damaged sections of the fence to extend its lifespan.


The main drawback of a chain link fence is that it’s easy to climb. However, increasing its height and adding barbed wire can greatly improve security. A coloured vinyl coating or slats can also help enhance this otherwise drab and easily scratched fencing material.


Wrought iron

This type of fence is an elegant and durable option. The vertical pickets are highly resistant to damage and nearly impossible to cut through, while also providing a largely unobstructed view.


In addition to its security benefits, this malleable material can be custom-designed to enhance the appearance of your property. It’s also easy to maintain, as it only needs to be painted every few years to help prevent corrosion.


However, all of these perks come at a price. Wrought iron is an expensive fencing option because of the craftsmanship required to make it. Keep in mid that it’s necessary to opt for high-quality iron that can withstand weather damage.


Trusted fence builders in Toronto

At City Fence, our team of experienced craftsmen and installers can help ensure you choose a metal fence that meets your commercial or industrial needs. We also offer a wide range of iron gates and partitions to maximize security. For more information about our products and services or to request a free on-site quote, contact us today.


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