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Efficient School Fence Installation in Toronto

Over the past few years, the value of placing fencing around Toronto schools has been increasingly noticed. Hundreds of schools, including private and public, around the city have implemented fences or have plans for a fence installation soon.

The reasons more schools are implementing the use of fencing vary, but when comparing each school’s reasoning, there are four common elements.


There are four reasons schools are opting to put a fence around their perimeter:

Deterring Vandalism: After school hours, vandalism is common on public property; especially school grounds. Before security fencing came about, breaking into school was easy; such as simply walking onto the property! Fencing companies in Toronto now offer security fences and gates that make it harder for anyone to enter the property after school hours; thus, deterring vandals.

Improved Safety: Parents enjoy peace-of-mind knowing their children are in a fenced playground at school, and teachers, as well as students, have a barrier between the school grounds and the public. There is no one crossing through a school yard to get from one point to another, small children cannot wander during recess time, and schools can direct the flow of traffic through main entrance points.

Improved Student Movement: A wrought iron fence around Toronto schools not only provides security but also offers management potential. Schools can ensure students come and go through select gates, and students cannot leave school without permission. With one or two entry and exit points on the grounds, the gates can be locked during school hours so that visitors and students are filtered through distinct entrances.

Improved Aesthetics: With the right type of fencing, a school can protect their students and still have an aesthetic appeal to their exterior.


Installing a fence is not enough; your school must ensure you are working with a quality contractor.

A trusted fence contractor, like City Fence, carries full liability coverage and WHMIS coverage for their employees. Also, their staff consists of actual employees; not sub-contractors. These staffers are trained to deliver high-quality results and consistent installations. Most importantly, the team at City Fence only installs, repairs, and maintains fencing. We are a full-service fencing contractor, so our time, energy, and craftsmanship are dedicated to fencing.

When your school is ready for a new fence installation in Toronto, trust in the team at City Fence.

We offer a wide variety of security and commercial fencing options, including wrought iron and chain link.

We can also create gated systems that work for student flow and management, such as cantilever gates, theft-prevention gates, and double swing gates. Our team can help you develop entry and exit points in accordance with city laws and also obtain the necessary permits for fencing (if required for your property).

Call the City Fence team today at 416-506-0135 or contact us online. We can help with your iron or chain link fence in Toronto.

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