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How to Select the Right Contractor for Your Construction Fence

Installing a fence around your site is mandatory to ensure compliance with Toronto’s bylaws and protect pedestrians and nearby residents.


And it’s also the best way to keep your site, your equipment and your crew safe from unwanted visitors and theft. The best way to ensure that your fence is up to code and up to the task of keeping your site secure requires choosing the right contractor for your construction fence installation.

Watch out for sub-contractors

Many fencing companies use subcontractors to help them complete jobs during peak periods. The problem with this is that while your fencing contractor may have the skills and experience to deliver the quality of work that you agreed upon, you have no way of knowing whether the subcontractor can live up to that same standard.

Ask for a quote, and make sure it’s a free one

Providing a free quote is more than a good customer service policy: it’s an act of good faith. By inviting a fencing contractor out to your job site for a quick evaluation, you’re giving them the opportunity to gauge how much time they’ll need to set aside for your project, and they’re giving you the opportunity to budget the time and resources needed to see the project through to completion. It’s the best way to make sure that there are no surprises and your fence gets installed to your satisfaction.

Look for both industry and legal know-how

While industry knowledge and expertise are crucial, it’s also important to choose a fencing contractor who understands local bylaws and how they affect your project. A good understanding of local zoning laws can help ensure that you have all the appropriate permits in place so you can complete your project without delays.

Experienced fencing contractors in the GTA

When you need reliable fence builders in Toronto, look no further than City Fence. We’ve proudly provided cost-effective fencing solutions to industrial and commercial clients throughout the Toronto area for over 35 years. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services or to get a free quote.


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