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Interior Chain-Link Caging for Apartment Complexes and Institutional Buildings


It may be one of the least expensive and most important safety investments in your apartment or condominium complex or institutional building: an indoor fence that separates people from danger


In fact, installing interior chain-link fencing is an effective way to protect your utilities, machinery, tenants and employees. Here’s what you should know.


Why interior fencing?

Managers of commercial, industrial and government buildings need to do everything they can to keep people safe and protect the property they oversee. Fortunately, interior fencing can help reduce liability issues around dangerous equipment and electrical stations, as they make it easy to restrict access to only trained personnel. Interior fencing can also be used to separate pedestrians from vehicular traffic.


When it comes to apartments and condos, installing interior fencing is an effective way to create lockers. In warehouses, valuable products and materials can be safely stored and organized.


Why chain-link fencing?

Chain-link fencing is commonly used outdoors, and you’ve probably seen it around sports complexes, industrial properties and residential yards. However, chain-link fencing has many indoor applications as well. Plus, it’s affordable, durable, easy to maintain and inexpensive to repair.


Chain-link fences are easy to customize and come in a variety of colours and sizes. Installation is also relatively quick and simple.


You can see through this type of barrier and both light and air will be able to move freely through it. Furthermore, chain-link fencing allows you to create barriers without making your interior space feel smaller. If privacy is a concern, chain-link fencing is easily fitted with slats or a PVC sheet that can prevent people from knowing what’s on the other side.


Types of interior chain-link fencing

Chain-link fencing can be customized for almost any space or function. Indoors it can be used to create the following types of structures:


Storage cage. These are perfect for warehouses or residential complexes where valuable or dangerous materials need to be kept secure.


Interior partition. This is an important safety element in parking garages and areas where vehicles are present. Partitions help keep pedestrians protected.


Access control area. Chain-link fences and gates can be used to enclose areas where only authorized or trained personnel are permitted.


Interior fencing in the GTA

City Fence is one of Toronto’s most experienced and trusted fence builders. For over 35 years our experts have designed, constructed and installed customized fencing solutions throughout the Greater Toronto Area. Contact us today to get a free quote on interior fencing for your apartment complex or industrial building.


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