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Perimeter Fencing for Apartment Complexes: 5 Key Benefits


Managing an apartment complex can be difficult. There’s a lot to keep track of and in addition to maintaining the place, you have to make it look attractive to potential renters. Did you know, that installing a few fences can help? Here’s how.


1. Increased curb appeal

From ornamental iron fences to property-wide perimeter fencing, fences are a great way to boost your property’s overall appearance. An ornamental fence can lend some flair to an area you want to highlight, and a perimeter fence may help prospective and current tenants feel safer on your property.


2. More privacy

Your renters will likely appreciate having a little more privacy, especially if you manage a multi-building complex. Adding privacy fences between shared yards and other spaces will allow your tenants to feel more at home. Adding a perimeter fence will also shield them from noise pollution and curious people who pass by.


3. Increased security

Your tenants may know not to wander near storage areas and generators, but without a perimeter fence, you may be leaving these areas open to vandals and thieves. Your tenants will also enjoy not having to worry about their property being stolen or damaged by strangers wandering onto the property.


4. Tighter access control

A properly installed fence can help keep unwanted visitors out, but adding a gate will provide much tighter access control. A gated complex, particularly in areas where crime is more common, is sure to attract security-conscious renters who are willing to pay extra to feel a bit safer.


5. Cohesive safety features

A perimeter fence that’s properly designed and installed offers a massive increase in safety and security without making your apartment complex look like a prison. Sections visible from the road or recreational areas can be made to fit with the overall style of the property or even give it a whole new cachet, while areas that aren’t visible can be secured using chain link fencing.


Find local fencing contractors in the GTA

Whether you need privacy fencing around maintenance and storage areas or want to add a perimeter fence to your property, you can trust the experts at City Fence. From chain link fencing to automatic security gates, we can help. For more than 35 years, we’ve provided Toronto businesses with outstanding installation, design and repair services. Contact us today to get a free quote.


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