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Playground Fence Mistakes: 4 Factors to Consider


The playground is meant to be a place where children can be just that: children. When parents take their kids to the playground, they should feel confident that it’s a space where their little ones can safely run around and play.


A major factor that contributes to the safety of a playground is the fence that surrounds it. If you’re in charge of having a fence installed at your local playground, here are four things you should consider to avoid common mistakes.


1. Accessibility

A key feature to keep in mind when selecting a playground fence is accessibility. All children should be able to enjoy the space. To make this possible, you must choose a fence with a gate that can accommodate someone in a wheelchair. The gate should also automatically close and latch. However, make sure the gate doesn’t swing shut too quickly, as this may cause injuries.


Additionally, it’s a good idea to opt for a gate that’s a different colour than the rest of the fence. This will make it easier for people who have a visual impairment to spot it.


2. Design

The way a playground fence is designed will determine how effectively it does its job, which is to keep children safe. Choose a tall enough fence that young children can’t climb over it. Furthermore, if you opt for a fence with rails rather than chain links, make sure the space between the rails doesn’t allow small children to squeeze through and runoff.


3. Appearance

Although your first priority should be to ensure the playground is safe, you also want it to look inviting. Avoid features that make a fence appear overly industrial. One way to do this is by incorporating playful elements such as fun colours. If you select a chain-link fence, you can easily brighten it up with a colourful vinyl coating. This will also help protect it from the elements.


4. Upkeep

Your job of keeping the playground safe doesn’t end once the fencing is installed. Regular maintenance will ensure a fence continues to protect people who use the playground. For one thing, if the fence is neglected, wear and tear could make it less secure. Additionally, damaged areas of the fence might harm children who come in contact with it.


Fence installation services in the GTA

If you need to have a fence installed around a playground, the team at City Fence can help. We also offer a variety of commercial and industrial fencing solutions. Plus, you can count on us if you have a fence that’s in need of repair. For more information or to request a quote, contact us today.


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