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Pre-Installation Checklist: How to Prepare for a Commercial Fence Installation


Are you getting a new fence for your commercial or industrial property? If you’ve chosen to hire the experienced team at City Fence, you’re in good hands.


We’ve been installing strong, long-lasting fencing for businesses in the GTA for over 35 years. During the fence installation, you can simply continue to manage your business while we get to work. That said, there are a few things you can do beforehand to make the installation go smoother.


1. Verify property lines

If you don’t currently have a fence, or if there’ve been disputes in the past about where your property ends, be sure to verify your property lines prior to the installation. You may need to get this information from the city. Our team is available to collaborate with you during this process.


2. Remove objects that are in the way

The installers need space to do their work. First and foremost, remove any objects that are leaning against or near to your property line or current fence. It may also be necessary to prune trees and bushes. Additionally, the installers will need a clear path from their truck to the area where they’ll install the fence. This way they’ll be able to safely carry fencing materials to the worksite.


3. Talk to your neighbours

Let neighbouring property owners know about your fence installation and give them the date and time when it’s taking place. The installers may need to be on their property at points during the installation.


4. Save a parking space for the installers

You can expect your fence installers to arrive with a truck filled with fencing equipment. Reserve a parking space that’s large enough to fit their vehicle and that gives them access to the area where they’re installing the fence.


Additional information

Our team can give you more precise details about what needs to be ready prior to the installation, depending on the layout of your property.


If you’re still at the shopping stage, browse our commercial and industrial fencing products or let our team help you determine which fence is best for your needs.


Trusted fence builders in the Greater Toronto Area

At City Fence, our team will expertly handle your industrial or commercial fence installation from beginning to end. Contact us to discuss your project or get a free quote.


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