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Rooftop Fencing for Industrial and Commercial Applications


If you’re wondering whether to install a fence on your roof, you should know that this type of fencing provides safety, security and privacy.


Indeed, many commercial and industrial structures use angled chain link fencing to secure their rooftops. This is because angled fencing prevents people from climbing the structure and will protect anyone with access to the roof.


Functions for rooftop fences

There are many applications for rooftop fencing. Here are a few:


• Construction. There are a number of construction projects that may take place on a roof. You’ll need to install proper fencing in order to meet safety guidelines, protect workers and mitigate risks.


• Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC). If your HVAC system is located on the roof of your building, it’s a good idea to enclose it with a fence to protect it from vandals. Also, it’s best to separate your HVAC from other outdoor areas like a rooftop garden or patio.


• Green spaces. A rooftop garden can add invaluable green space to your building. In fact, these types of outdoor areas are increasingly popular for commercial office buildings, apartments and condominiums. This is because rooftop gardens can provide an area for building occupants to relax and unwind. They’re also good for the environment. However, be sure to install a fence around your garden to protect the people who use it.


• Rooftop patios and terraces. Hotels, apartment buildings and restaurants often install patios and terraces on their rooftops. Such spaces can provide excellent views and a unique atmosphere. However, fences are required around these structures to ensure the safety of patrons and staff.


• Rooftop recreation. Likewise, rooftops can be used as additional recreational space. Whether it’s a pool, tennis court or basketball court, proper fencing is required.


• Solar panels. Is your building solar-powered? If so, it’s a good idea to use fencing to protect your solar panels from theft and damage.


• Rooftop parking. For a building with a parking lot on the roof, installing a fence is a must. Doing so adds an essential security barrier that will protect motorists who use the space.


Do you need to install a rooftop fence? If so, City Fence can help.


Commercial fence installation and repair in the GTA

City Fence offers quality commercial and industrial solutions for all your fencing needs. Our expert fence builders serve proprietors in Toronto, Brampton, Mississauga, Oakville, Richmond Hill, Vaughan and surrounding areas. We never hire subcontractors because we believe in controlling every aspect of the fence installation process and making sure each job is done right. At City Fence, quality is our top priority. Contact us today for more information or to request a free quote.


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