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Securing Your Building’s Underground Parking: Best Practices and Strategies for Improved Safety and

A Residential Building’s Underground Parking

If your commercial facility has an underground parking garage, you shoulder a significant responsibility for security. The value of the vehicles alone can be astronomical; add to that the fact that underground garages are infamous for violent crime. To promote safe use of the space by authorized users and ensure optimal security for the people and property inside the parking garage, be aware of these considerations.

Who Uses Your Parking Garage?

The type of building dictates who uses the garage, which in turn will determine the safety and security needs.

  • Multi-unit residential buildings. Parking garages in apartment high-rises and condo buildings see high volumes of resident traffic requiring access that’s easy to use and capable of withstanding high-volume use. Your parking garage needs appropriate gates and effective access controls.

  • Office buildings. In office buildings where parking is available only for designated staff and not for the general public, you may have fewer users but see relatively high turnover. The access system must be adaptable to frequently changing users, but sufficiently secure, even against people familiar with the space but no longer authorized to enter.

  • Public-access parking garages. Public parking is available in places like shopping malls, hospitals and municipal parking facilities. For user safety, these spaces must provide clearly marked areas designated for vehicular and pedestrian movement. Entry and exit systems must be easy to use but also keep users safe from illicit activity.

In a nutshell, users of your underground parking garage must be able to navigate the space safely, feel secure against violence or theft and be able to access the space without asking for help.

Features of a Safe and Secure Parking Garage

Your underground garage needs more than high-performance gates — although gates are a good place to start. Here are a few key elements that can help ensure your underground parking facility is safe and secure.

  • Physical barriers. Beyond the access point for your parking garage, consider protecting the perimeter of the property with security fencing or bollards. These features can send the message that, even if intruders succeed in getting in, they won’t be able to make a quick getaway.

  • Access control systems. Your options are many and varied, from remote-control systems to card readers to motion-activated sensors. Talk with an expert about the various systems suited to the security requirements and user profile for your parking garage.

  • Surveillance cameras. Surveillance cameras provide valuable evidence when something goes wrong, but they also serve as effective deterrents when they’re placed where potential intruders can see them.

  • Security call station. Providing a well-marked, well-lit call station is key, both in ensuring quick support when needed and in reassuring users of their safety.

  • Ample lighting. Strong lighting in your underground parking facility is essential, even for users to see other cars and people when they’re trying to park. But keeping a well-lit garage with no dark hiding spaces will also ensure safety against those with malicious intent.

  • Property maintenance. Don’t underestimate the power of a tidy exterior and well-kept landscape. Keeping greenery under control can limit opportunities for intruders to hide. Even a feature like an attractive ornamental fence can give the impression that this property has high-end users who invest in premium security.

  • Designated storage space. If space allows, consider adding partitions to establish storage spaces for the belongings users don’t want to leave in their vehicles but don’t have room for in their units. These can be assigned to users with exclusive padlock access, providing an extra level of security.

If you’re uncertain about the security of your automated gates, consider doing an assessment of your automatic gate security systems.

Customized and Integrated Security Solutions

Because every parking garage has a unique set of user requirements, space constraints and security needs, you can’t rely on a one-size-fits-all security solution. When the time comes to update your underground parking facility, trust only a professional with a full understanding of these three considerations. They should also have access to high-quality materials and trusted security system providers.

An expert from City Fence Inc. can visit your property and assess your unique setup before advising on suitable gate and access control solutions for your unique needs and budget.

High-security Gates and Access Control in Toronto and Throughout the GTA

To keep your parking garage safe and secure, you can trust the experts at City Fence Inc. We provide year-round service to commercial and industrial clients throughout Ontario from our Toronto location. Our staff has been entrusted with high-security jobs, including correctional facilities and courthouses, and we never outsource our work to third-party contractors. Contact us today to learn more or request a quote.


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