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The Importance of Access Control to Your Property


Access control is a key component of any commercial or industrial security plan. Modern access control systems do much more than keep unwanted people out. Here are some benefits of investing in an access control system for your commercial or industrial property.


What is access control?

Access control is any feature that restricts access to a given area. It can be as simple as a lock and key. More commonly, however, commercial access control is an electronic system that consists of swipe cards, key fobs or PINs that allows authorized employees or visitors to access a site and restricts access to everyone else. Essentially, it allows employers and property owners to control who goes where and when on a site.


Benefits of access control

Regardless of the type of business you operate, access control systems have many benefits. Among other things, they:

● Improve safety and security. Primarily, access control systems keep unwanted visitors off your property, thereby helping to keep your employees and customers safe inside. It also protects your business assets from damage and theft.


● Eliminate the need for keys. Keys are still the most common form of access control, even though they’re the least secure. Keys can be quickly and inexpensively copied, and locks can be easily picked. Plus, lost keys present a security issue. By upgrading to an electronic access control system, employers can eliminate this hassle and security risk.


● Record who enters and leaves. Every time an employee or visitor uses an access control point, they leave a digital footprint. This means property owners can identify who entered and exited the premises and when. This can help improve employee accountability, and if there is an accident, theft or other incident, investigators will know exactly who was in the area at the time.


● Reduce workplace injuries. Access control keeps unauthorized employees and visitors from entering areas of a property that are potentially dangerous, such as areas with heavy equipment or high-voltage electrical components.


● Improve efficiency and reduce costs. With an access control system in place, employees can quickly and efficiently travel in and out of designated areas. This is also an effective alternative to hiring personnel to guard the site.

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