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The Importance of Construction Fence Maintenance

Construction sites are littered with potential hazards but minimizing the safety risks may be as simple as installing a temporary fence. A construction fence plays an important role in maintaining a safe environment, regardless of the phase your building project is in. The right fence will protect your valuable materials and equipment by prohibiting unauthorized personnel and keep individuals away from potentially dangerous situations. In order to reduce the likelihood of security incidents or personal injury, our team will work with you directly to help design, install, and maintain a proper fence for your Toronto area job site.


Temporary fencing is an effective solution for keeping your construction site secure and protecting the general public. Our team will evaluate your job site and customize a construction fence to appropriately suit your needs. Here are 4 reasons why a fence is a necessary part of your construction project:

Protect the Public: Proper maintenance will ensure that the vulnerable public remains safe, especially if your construction site is in a heavily populated area. All access points should have a locking system in place. You must also make sure that your fence is high enough to prevent objects from falling over the site boundary and surrounds any excavations that people may fall into.

Prevent Equipment Theft: Valuable equipment that is left on unfinished construction sites are easy targets for thieves. Installing and properly maintaining a security fence around the perimeter of your construction site, will help ward off criminals and keep your building materials safe.

Property Access: Contracted individuals may have permission to work within the construction site but they may not be granted access to areas that do not pertain to their job. Maintaining your construction fence will ensure that workers are given restricted access to certain locations around the site.

Legal Responsibility: Regardless of whether or not an individual intentionally trespasses or mistakenly wanders onto your construction site, you may be held legally responsible for any injuries sustained on your property. Installing a security fence will ensure you avoid failing to take the necessary steps to keep individuals safe. If a person makes it past your fence and gets injured, you may not be held responsible because you have taken reasonable precautions to prevent these instances from occurring.



With several bylaws to consider, many general contractors are turning to independent professionals to install, maintain, and tear down construction site fencing. At City Fence, we specialize in construction fence that are made from only the highest quality of materials and are customized to fit your budget. For construction fence maintenance and repair in Brampton and Mississauga, trust our experts to help keep your site secure and passersby safe from harm.

Call City Fence today at 416-506-0135 for more information about our construction fence. Schedule your FREE quote by clicking here. You can also contact us online with any questions about construction fence maintenance and repairs in Toronto and we will be glad to assist you.


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