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The Ins and out of Gate Damage

Gates provide convenience and security for any commercial or industrial site. However, they can sometimes malfunction, resulting in injuries and property damage. Because these incidents can also damage the gate itself, they can snowball into a complicated situation quickly. Here’s how to prevent these issues and how to deal with them when they arise.


Prevent accidents

Prevention is key to avoiding costly accidents. Here are some guidelines to follow:

• Prominently display warning sides so that they’re visible from both sides of the gate

• Provide training for all employees who may have to operate the gate

• Have a separate gate for foot traffic

• If a problem arises, have a professional technician repair the gate. Never try to repair it yourself.

• Have gates inspected regularly and keep a record of each inspection

• Never use a gate that’s damaged or not operating properly

In addition, you should make sure your security gate can handle both the stress of daily use and the weather conditions it has to operate in. Some gates are susceptible to wind damage, while others have components that may become damaged in specific climates.


Dealing with damaged gates

If your gate becomes damaged despite taking the precautions above, you’ll need to contact a professional. Automated security gates rely on many systems to function properly and only an experienced technician can assess the damage and determine which repairs should be performed. Don’t use the gate until it’s repaired. In the meantime, you can rent temporary fencing to ensure your property remains secure.


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