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What Type of Fence Repair Do You Need?

Chain link fences come highly recommended due to their affordability and durability. Despite their being relatively easy to maintain and able to withstand extreme weather conditions, they’re not completely immune to damage. Here’s how to know what kind of fence repair the chain link fence surrounding your business requires.


Sagging fence

It may not seem like a big deal if the chain link fence around your property is sagging in some places, but it can actually be more serious than you think. When a fence sags, it’s weaker and gives potential trespassers easier access to the company’s property. Additionally, you want to keep your business looking its best, and a sagging fence looks sloppy. Luckily, there’s a quick fix, as the mesh can easily be tightened by one of our contractors.

Holes in the mesh

Occasionally, equipment or tree branches will tear a hole in the mesh of chain link fencing. Our contractor will remove the damaged portion of the fence and replace it with a new piece, which will fit in seamlessly. You won’t even be able to tell where the damage occurred in the first place!


Bent or loose posts

Sometimes it’s not the mesh that’s the problem, but the posts. Over time, they can bend or become loose, which really threatens the structural integrity of the fence as a whole. Often, all that is required is for the posts to be straightened, but sometimes they need to be completely replaced. Staying on top of the necessary maintenance will help your fence last longer and keep it looking its best.


Uneven posts

From time to time, especially after cold winters, the ground will move, causing fence posts to become uneven. In this case, the footing may need to be broken up so that the crooked posts can be removed. They’ll then be realigned, and the footing will be replaced. Your fence will be back to looking as good as new in no time.


Fence repair and installation in the GTA

When you need a quick, affordable and quality chain link fence or fence repair in the GTA, reach out to our team at City Fence. We’ll provide the fencing solution you need in the most efficient manner possible. Additionally, if the damage occurs shortly after installation, the necessary repairs will be free of charge. Located in Bolton but serving Oakville, Brampton, and other parts of the Greater Toronto Area, City Fence is one of the most established and well-reputed commercial fencing companies in Southern Ontario. Contact us to schedule your fence repair or installation today!


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