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When and How to Augment Your Fence

Commercial and industrial properties that must prioritize security may sometimes need to strengthen their fencing and other security measures. Here are several types of situations in which an upgrade is required and how to address it.

New equipment or merchandise

If you’ve recently started carrying merchandise or equipment that’s more valuable than what you previously had, it’s time to upgrade your security. This is especially important if the material is dangerous.

In such cases, installing a higher fence with anti-climbing features such as barbed wire is a good start. You’ll need to make sure it’s installed properly since any amount of shifting will likely result in the fence losing integrity.

Frequent inventory loss

If there are discrepancies between your actual inventory and what you’re supposed to have on site, one possible explanation is that you’re losing some of it to theft. This can happen either because unauthorized people are entering your property or because employees are stealing from you.

To resolve the issue, your first step should be to identify any weaknesses in your fencing. For operations like lumber yards or other businesses who store large amounts of materials outdoors, repairing a damaged fence will often be enough.

If, however, employee theft is more likely, you’ll need to implement stricter access control solutions such as installing partitions to cordon off storage areas.

Unauthorized vehicle access

In addition to slowing down operations, having unauthorized vehicles enter the work area can put your employees at risk. This can also happen when one of your own vehicles ends up somewhere it’s not supposed to be. This is a common issue that can be fixed in two ways.

First, installing bollards will make it impossible for vehicles to access certain areas. Second, installing security gates will allow you to better control and monitor vehicle traffic while allowing pedestrians to circulate freely. This’ll boost your property’s security and keep your workers safe.

Pest control issues

Left unattended, critters can cause serious problems on commercial and industrial properties. They’ll typically take advantage of damaged and weak spots in your perimeter fence, so ensuring that your fencing is installed properly and in good shape is important.

Commercial and industrial fencing experts

Whether you need to upgrade your existing chain link or want to install new wrought iron fences, you can rely on the experts at City Fence. We’re among the top fence builders in the Toronto area and can handle everything fence related from installation to repairs and beyond. Contact us today to get a free quote or to find out more about how we can help.


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