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Why You Should Consider Redundant Fencing


A redundant fence is essentially a fence within a fence. This type of enclosure can serve a number of purposes on commercial and industrial properties. Here are five reasons to use redundant fencing.


1. Protect expensive equipment

If there’s a zone on your property, such as a warehouse or shed area, that contains expensive equipment, you may want to fence it off. A strong, high chain-link fence with a sturdy gate can help keep out trespassers or would-be thieves.


2. Fence off dangerous equipment and materials

Redundant fencing can be used as a barrier around dangerous equipment, such as electrical boxes. It can also enclose sheds and other structures where hazardous chemicals get stored. It can be installed in both outdoor and indoor areas. When used in this way, redundant fencing helps protect staff and clients.


3. Secure authorized areas

If there are zones on your property with restricted access, you may want to fence them off. If you need to be able to screen individuals entering the area, chain link fences can accommodate access control systems,.


Note that commercial and industrial businesses also have the option of installing a chain-link partition. A partition allows you to section off areas near the exterior or interior of your business.


4. Keep unsightly areas out of view

Businesses commonly use redundant fencing to enclose garbage areas. This improves the look of a property, allowing you to make a better first impression on clients and customers. For extra privacy, slats can be added to your chain link fencing.


5. Contain dogs

If you own a pet business, or if you have dogs on your commercial premises, you may want to use a redundant fence as a dog run. Most dogs bark at what they see on the other side of the fence. A dog run helps prevent this. Additionally, you may not want dogs damaging plants and flowers on your property by trampling or urinating on them. Finally, a fenced dog runs functions as added security that prevents dogs from getting out and becoming lost.


Dependable fence installation in the Greater Toronto Area

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