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Maximizing the Benefits of Bollards: An Overview of Top Commercial and Industrial Use Cases

Bollards provide a deterrent for vehicle operators and direction control for pedestrians while remaining visually unintrusive. Depending on the material and design of the bollard system you choose, they can provide a high level of physical protection and can be modified to meet changing requirements. Before committing to a conventional fencing system, be sure to explore whether bollards might be your best option for safety, security, esthetics and versatility.

What Types of Industries Use Bollards?

The thing about bollards is that, although they influence the way you walk and drive through your daily life, you often don’t notice them. Here are a few places where they can be useful:

  • Warehouses and manufacturing facilities

  • Airports and other transit terminals

  • Stadiums and arenas

  • Malls and shopfronts

  • Construction sites

  • Municipal streets and parking areas

Although bollards are highly functional, they can also add significant esthetic value. Because they keep a lower profile than standard fencing solutions, they allow for visual access to landscapes or commercial merchandising. For example, a line of crash-rated metal bollards protecting a glass storefront makes a sophisticated visual impact while protecting the store from actual physical impacts.

Use Cases for Bollards

If you need a perimeter or divider solution to serve any of the following functions, you may find bollards to be your ideal choice.

  • Protecting pedestrians. Whether you need to manage high volumes of pedestrians or regulate a mix of pedestrians and vehicles, bollards can do the job. You can use them to identify pedestrian-only areas or to guide the direction of movement.

  • Controlling traffic flow. Bollards are ideal for defining spaces where many people and vehicles are moving at once. Use them to define queuing areas, designate single-direction lanes or moderate the movement of large crowds.

  • Outlining designated parking areas. In parking lots or garages, bollards are more effective than visual cues to ensure motorists keep their vehicles in the appropriate spaces. Combining bollards with appropriate directional markings can ensure the efficient and effective operation of your parking garage or car lot.

  • Securing commercial property. Bollards have a minimalistic visual footprint, but they can pack a punch — quite literally — when it comes to securing your property against vehicular impacts. If your operation is vulnerable to high-impact raiding, bollards can withstand high-speed impacts, inflicting significant damage on the moving vehicle.

If you’re considering a redundant fencing system for your commercial or industrial property, bollards can make an incredibly effective first line of defence.

Benefits of Different Types of Bollards

Bollards are available in various degrees of strength, adaptability and functionality. Materials and design can vary according to their intended use.

  • Removable bollards allow for flexible space management. As needed, they can be removed, replaced or simply moved to accommodate changing space needs. They can be secured with lock pins and padlocks to safeguard against tampering.

  • Collapsible bollards are stationery but adaptable to a space’s changing needs. Consider installing collapsible bollards in an event space that may require only occasional access for large equipment.

  • Flexible bollards provide visual deterrent with minimal risk of damage to vehicles or property. They’re suitable for spaces requiring traffic control but which aren’t vulnerable to major security threats.

  • Fixed bollards are the ultimate deterrent to vehicles when they’re engineered and tested for crash resistance. Stainless steel and concrete are the ultimate materials for maximum strength.

New bollards can be embedded when concrete is newly poured, or they can be mounted with appropriate bolts and anchors to the surface of existing concrete. This guide to bollards provides more information on the various bollard types and their applications.

Customizing Bollards to Meet Your Specific Business Needs

The design and installation of bollards require careful attention to the functional purposes they’re intended to serve. They’re also subject to regulations related to pedestrians requiring mobility aids. Before you invest in installation, be sure to talk with a professional who understands the ins and outs of engineering and design. Ensure they’re well-versed on local regulations and accessibility standards.

The experts at City Fence Inc. are available for consultation on the best solutions for your commercial space’s needs. For some visual inspiration, our portfolio gallery includes photos of some of our successful bollard installation projects.

Expert Bollard Installation in the GTA and Beyond

If you’re considering bollards for your commercial or industrial property, contact City Fence Inc. for reliable advice, high-quality products and expert service. Our crews are safety certified and undergo security clearance to ensure your job is done safely and securely. Our sales staff doesn’t take commissions, so you can trust us not to up-sell you. We have the gear to provide year-round service in Toronto and the GTA. Contact us today to discuss your needs.


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